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"Reliability. Quality. Stability. Development"
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:. General

Today our enterprise is a unique factory of fishing gear in Russia, which has a full cycle of manufacturing.
The Fishing Gear Factory have an industrial building for construction of midwater trawl, bottom trawl, trawl codend, purse seines, Danish seines, pound nets, round hail nets, twisting ropes and transport department, located in Podyapolsky, and also industrial buildings for manufacturing braided ropes, fishing yarn, cords, nets, located in town Bolshoy Kamen. Specialists of constructing trawls and purses seines have more than a thirty-year operational experience which is transferred by old masters to young generation.

Experts of factory try not only to keep and improve an operational experience, but also to accept all the best experience in technologies manufacturing of fishing gear from science and other manufacturers.

:. Manufacturing and Supply

Pelagic & bottom trawl, cod end, purses, Scottish & Danish seines & other goods for fishing gear.

Ropes diameter from 6 up to 55мм twisted polyamide(nylon) (PA), polypropylene (PP), DAN LINE (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyester (PET) and fishing cords, braide cords.

Ropes diameter from 40 up to 90мм braided polyamide (nylon)(PA), polypropylene (PP), DAN LINE (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyester (PET).

Fishing polyamide (nylon) cord & yarn knotted netting, steel ropes of any kind and diameter, trawl doors, bobins steel and rubber and other trade arms.

:. Address 

Head office: 6A, St. Zelenaya , Podyapolsky , Primorye region, Russian Federation.
Tel.\ fax 007(42335) 36-5-49, 36-3-72, 36-3-47, fax 5-08-58.
Representative : Mazur Evgeny (Chairman) + 7 924 327 21 00; e-mail: 0074233550858@mail.ru
Representation:. Vladivostok office: 63, St. Pologaya. Tel./fax 007 4232 40-82-39,